My travel route.

In october 2018 I started my journey in Thailand. I only booke my first flight ticket and just had a rough idea where I want to go and what I want to see. And we all know how life works. It never happens as it is planned. So my trip turned out totally different, but absolutely unforgettable. I will try to break it down in the following.

1. Thailand

As already mentioned I started in Thailand. I wanted to have a relaxed start with a lot of good food, some parties and beach time. And that worked out perfectly. I spent around three weeks in that lovely country and saw way more than expected.

I started in Bangkok, where I only spent around ten hours, before catching a bus and then a ferry to the beautiful island Koh Tao. After almost 48 hours of travelling, without a shower or bed, I finally arrived at my first destination and I was stunned. After a little shock in Bangkok, Koh Tao suited me way better.

After Koh Tao, followed Koh Samui, Khao Sok Nationalpark and Koh Tao again. At my second time there, I discovered my love for scuba diving and finished my first licensce there.

I finished this country in Chiang Mai and Pai, where I had a great time.

2. Vietnam

From Chiang Mai I headed over to Hanoi and explored the northern part of Vietnam for around two weeks. I’ve been to Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and the far north in Sa Pa.

3. Hong Kong

Totally unplanned, but happy I did it, I continued to Hong Kong. Vietnam just wasn’t my country and a lot of people told me about how photogenic Hong Kong is and that there is so much to explore. So I just changed my travel plans and spent around 5 days in that huge metropole.

4. Philippines

The Philippines were a safe point on my travel route, because I was going to meet my brother there. We traveled to the islands Cebu, Bohol and Palawan and explored the beautiful jungles and beaches toghether. After he left I continued to the surfer and palmtree island Siargao, were I got to know amazing people and had such a good time.

5. Australia

The christmas time has arrived and I was not in the mood to spend my first christmas far from home in Asia. So my next stop was Sydney, where I spent my christmas days with friends I made in Siargao. We made our way up the east coast to Byron Bay, where we celebrated the new year and made other very good friends. I continued alone up the country and stopped for Fraser island, Whitsunday and the Great Barrier Reef in Caines. Because I was meant to work there, I took a flight down to Melbourne. But when I was at the point where I needed to find work, I just changed plans and booked a flight to Bali to safe money.

6.1 Indonesia – Bali

Because I had one month left before I was going to meet a friend in New Zealand, I travelled to Bali to enjoy life and food again and go for some surf sessions. But after a couple of days I got bored, so I looked for other opportunities and Singapore poped up.

7. Singapore

I made my way to Singapore and explored this super futuristic city for a couple of days. Lucky me, I arrived to the time when the whole city celebrated the chinese new years, so the whole city was packed and everyone was going wild.

8. Malaysia

Because Malaysia was so close to Singapore, I just took a bus to Kuala Lumpur and the a flight to the north of the country. I enjoyed the food and the streetart in Penang and then decided to return to Indonesia, because I already had a flight leaving from Bali to New Zealand.

6.2 Indonesia – Java/Bali/Nusa Penida

On my second time to Bali, I started a othter attempt. I went to Java. And that was the best decision ever. Because Java is so different to Bali, way less tourism, more adventures and hikes, epic landscapes, amazing waterfalls and the people just freak out when they see a 6,4″ blonde guy walking through their city.

After visiting the vulcanos Mt. Bromo and the Ijen crater, I took a ferry to Bali and spent the next days in Ubud on the search for myself (I know cheesy). But it really worked out well. I used my time wisely and practiced yoga, meditation and went to the gym. I kinda found back to myself and recovered from the stressful travelling before.

The last days before my flight, I enjoyed the fun village Canggu, where is a lot of good food, surfing and chilled parties.

9. New Zealand

The plane was starting to land, I looked out of the windows and saw this unbelievable landscapes. That was the moment I realized my lifelong dream of New Zealand is really going to happen.

In Queenstown I met my good buddy Pascal and we bought a campervan together to travel through whole New Zealand. We have seen incredible landscapes, slept in so many different places and drove our baby down beautiful roads. New Zealand was an amazing time.

10. Hawaii

After finishing both islands of NZ, we arrived at Auckland and took a flight to Hawaii. We explored the island Oahu and Big Island, did the Haiku Stairs, dived with turtles and dolphins and surfed some good swells. At the end of our Hawaii trip, we seperated and I was on my own again.

11. Canada

I always wanted to see Canada, so my next station was beautiful British Columbia, where I met friends from my journey. We went to the mountain area Whistler, I explored Vancouver and Vancouver island and was amazed by this incredible nature. In total, I was in love with this country. Unfortunately I needed to leave.

In Canada I really thought about going home and finish my journey, but then I came to the decision that I need to use the change that I’m already on this site of the planet and I went to South America.

12. Costa Rica

created by dji camera

My first stop in South America was Costa Rica, where I stayed in cloud forests, hiked to vulcanos and explored nationalparks. I only stayed there for around 10 days.

13. Colombia

From Costa Rica I continued to the beautiful country Colombia, because so many people recommended it to me and I wasn’t disappointed. I visited the amazing city Medellin, went through the tiny streets of Cartagena and relaxed in the jungle in Minca. Overall a very cool country.

14. Peru

My personal highlight and one of my bucketlist points, was always Peru. So I was super excited when I finally was able to go there. I was just not prepared at all. I had no hiking gear, nor a rain jacket, but I attempted it anyways.

I hiked in the high mountains of Huaraz, enjoyed the local life in Cusco and hiked four days the Salkantay trek to get to Machu Pichu, where I enjoyed a stunning sunrise. Overall I was blown away by Peru.

And I won’t forget the Alpacas, those fluffy animal clouds.

15. Spain

In Cusco I finally made the decision to go back home, but not directly. So I stopped in Barcelona for a couple of days, met some friends and lived the spanish laid back lifestyle.

16. Sweden

After Barcelona I made my way over to Sweden and met my best friend back from home there. We enjoyed a lot of cinnamon buns in Stockholm before he needed to go back. I continued to Karlstad, where I was meeting my good friends from Siargao.

17. Germany – Bavaria

At the end I finally arrived back in Germany. And man it was weird to be back.

But I couldn’t sit still for long. Two days after my arrival I went down to Bavaria, to explore my own country the very first time. I was blown away. For me it was impossible that my own country could be that beautiful. Epic mountains, beautiful lakes and moody forests. Amazing.

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