Philippines surf paradise Siargao – What to do and see!

If you have researched the Philippines already, you maybe stumpled across Siargao already. It’s just a tiny tiny Island in the east of the country. It’s the surfer heaven and place to chill and calm down. And to be honest, it was easily my favorite island on my trip.

Why? Because at that time I really needed to rest for a while. And Siargao is perfect for that. It’s is not a island for adventure and stuff like that, but it has just an awesome vibe, which you directly feel when you arrive. Everyone is super chilled, has the surfboard always on the scooter and there are a couple of very cool cafes and surfshops around the island.

As I sad the island is tiny and there are to major cities on it. Del Carmen, where your flight will arrive and General Luna, where all the people are. General Luna is a little surf village, with some hostels, cafes and shops. It is slowly becoming very popular and more and more expats are coming to this place to live there. Understandable.

In the following I will mention my favorite places, surf spots and other recommendations for that lovely island.

Must do's on Siargao.

Get a good surf.

Like I mentioned above Siargao is the surf paradise in the Philippines, because of that the list has to begin with it. You have waves almost all year-round and the cloud 9 boardwalk and viewing area has become a very famous tourist spot on the island.

The best thing is, there are surf breaks for all levels. If you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro, you will find your spot on Siargao. Even if you suck at surfing, you just can chill at the beach and watch the experienced surfers from far away. The wave barrels at cloud 9 is one of the best waves in the Philippines and also in the top ten waves of the world. Imagine that.

Like I mentioned above Siargao is the surf paradise in the Philippines, because of that the list has to begin with it. You have waves almost all year-round and the cloud 9 boardwalk and viewing area has become a very famous tourist spot on the island.

Even if the waves don’t roll in how you like it, you can pay around 5 € to get a boatride to an open water break or to and island where are better conditions. But pay attention, those are mostly a bit harder to manage. I surfed my first open water break there, had an amazing wave. The biggest I’ve ever catched, but afterwards I got smashed by the waves and even stunk by those little, nasty, blue bubble jellyfishes. So if you are not a good swimmer and surfer, you should maybe save that for a later moment. I was literally dead afterwards.

The most popular surf breaks on Siargao are:

Jacking Horse: This spot easy to get to and perfect for beginners. It’s great to learn how to catch a wave, but it’s often very crowded with surf schools. It’s just to the left to cloud 9.

Cloud 9: The famous surf break on Siargao. In the right season you can find some nice barrels there. You can sit on the  boardwalk and watch the pros hitting some nice turns.

Secret spot: Not so secret anymore, if you ask me, but the spot I liked the most and spend the most time in the water. Very consistent and medium waves. Don’t come here too early, because you will have low tide then and it’s nearly impossible to surf there. It’s round about 20-30 minutes from General Luna.

Stimpsy: You will find left-handers here. A place for short-boards.

Pacifico: Beside Cloud 9, this is the spot for the big ones. The waves there are crazy and frightening if you ask me. You will find good barrels, big waves and a very strong tide here. If you are lucky you can find some experienced surfers here, but often the spot is empty. Also it’s a long drive to get there. It’s located way up north to General Luna.

A lot in Siargao is about surfing, you will feel the vibe there, but also if you don’t surf, you will have plenty of things to do on this magical island.

Scooter Roadtrip through Palmtree forests.

Definitely a must do here. First scooter driving is a lot of fun, second the streets are pretty good and so pretty. The roads wind through lush palmtree forests and beside the ocean. Just get yourself a scooter and drive. I would recommend to go north from General Luna, in direction of Pacifico. There are some tourists attraction on the way and you will have some amazing views over the palmtree wonderland.

Make some photos at the coolest palmtree street on siargao.

If you drive north from General Luna and you pass the view point, where you have view across the forest (you know when you are there), you get to a long straight road, where the palmtrees line up on the sides. It’s a pretty unique photo location, so also bring your drone if you have one.

Palmtree swing Siargao

If you heard of Siargao already, you have probably seen pictures of the famous palmtree swing at a river. It’s on the way north, so you can stop there, pay the kids a small fee and swing into the refreshing water. Also it’s a nice photo location, so get your camera and snap some shots.


Magpupungko Rock Pools

Hard name, but a very cool spot, but also mostly pretty crowded. You will probably pass it when you are making a roadtrip around the island.

Simply this is a pool full of crystal clear water, which appears when around 2 hours before and after low tide. So time your visit carefully. And also bring some swim shoes with you, if you want to enter the area, because the rocks are super sharp and will rip off your feet.

If you are there at the right time, you can swim and cliff jump into the pools, what is pretty cool. 

Siargao island hopping - Naked island, Guyam, Daku

That point is a pretty popular one, but still worth it. Around Siargao are three smaller beautiful islands, which only need a short long-tail boat trip to get to. Just book your ride from the General Luna harbour. Most of the tours include a stop at Guyam, Daku and Naked Island and include pick-up, drop-off and a seafood lunch.

Naked Island is just a small sandbar, which got its name by just being naked sand.

Daku Island is the biggest of the tree and a great place for lunch and swimming.

Guyam Island is covered in palmtrees and you can make a small hike around the place. So beautiful!


Smoothie Bowl at Shaka Cafe

Don’t know if I already dropped this here before, but I’m a huge food lover and always on the hunt for the best spot to get some delicious treats for me. Also I love to explore food from different countries and culture. And Shaka Cafe at Cloud 9 is probably the best place, to treat yourself with a beautiful smoothie bowl, get some vitamins into your body and watch the waves crush against the coast. They also have great coffee and both together is not more than 5 €. Trust me, get own, make a foodporn post for your Instagram and come back for another.

Tak Tak Waterfall

If you are roadtrippin across the island, don’t forget to stop at the tak tak falls. It takes around 1,5 to 2 hours to get there if you drive north from General Luna. We enjoyed the waterfall together with some local kids, who also went for a swim there. You can have a lot of fun there. Take shower under the waterfall, climb up the rocks, cliff jump or just refresh yourself in the water. You won’t find many tourists here, what makes it a even better spot. Also it’s the only waterfall you can find on this island, so enjoy it.


Find new friends and enjoy the Nightlife

I had such a good time there, found new friends from different places and even the nightlife is fun. Not hard partying, but good music, some drinks and nice people.

For the time I stayed there my homebase was the Paglaom Hostel, which is one of the friendliest and cooles places I’ve ever stayed. The whole staff is so warm hearted, kind and helpful and mostly you get to know cool people. They always arrange activities, like island cruises, cook nights or volleyball. You will definetly have a good time here.

If you are planning to go out at night, there are different options to go. Ask at the hostel, because the main event is changing every night. Bravo, CEV are good to start the night. The party with a lot of dancing and music are mostly at Bravo, Rumbar.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines, definetly check out this little gem before it gets to popular. It’s a true oasis where you can rest and recover, surf, party and just live 🙂

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