Travel Apps. Little helpers in your pocket.

Everyone has at least one in their pockets and they are a great tool to survive while you are travelling. To be honest I would have been lost a lot of time without the help of my phone. 

There are a couple of good apps I can recommend and make your journey easier in some ways. Here are my favorite travel apps, broken down in different catergories.


Essentially there are three apps I used to book all of my acoomodations and depending on what I was looking for I chose one of them.

  • Hostelworld (shows you all available hostels in the chosen area)
  • Booking (shows you all Hotels, Guesthouses, Homestays which are available. Can find some good deals there)
  • Airbnb (shows you apartments, rooms or even villas you can rent)

I mostly sticked to Hostelworld, because it the cheapest option most of the time. But if you feel fancy you can rent a whole villa for a couple of bucks in Bali on Airbnb for example. Or if you can’t find a hostel in a certain area, go on booking and you will find a cheap option.

Translation/Currency Exchange

Those are apps I always use when I am on the road, because otherwise you just don’t have a clue what you are ordering or how much something is worth. And both of the apps I’m recommending are working offline.

  • Google Translator (you can download the languages you need and use them offline)
  • SimpleCurrency (all currencies are always available offline and you can even calcutlate in the app)

So if you are shopping and you have no clue how much 100.000 Indonesian Rupiah are, you can use this app and you will know that it’s just 6,45 € 😀


Who doesn’t know that problem. You step out of the airport and hundreds of people approaching you and trying to give you a ride for a “very good price”. I’m not a big fan of that to be honest. I always just pass those and try to get my own ride, because most of the time they will mug you. Here are my favoirte apps for getting a ride:

  • Uber (pretty obvious, but still very useful. Is not working in every country)
  • Grab (only for Southeast Asia, but it’s a blessing there. You can order a car or even a motortaxi)
  • GoJek (mainly Indonesia and some other southeast asian countries. You can order nearly everything. A car ride, scooter ride, massages, food or even laundry)
Those options are cheaper and more secure than normal taxis you will find. You can’t get mugged and you know beforehand how much a ride will cost. Pretty handy.


If you are travelling with one or more friends, you will share a lot. One buys food, another one bus tickets or pays a car rent. And so that everyone always pays the same there is one handy app.

  • Tricount (everyone has an account in your travel group and puts in the things they pay for. You can always see who owns whom some money and there is no arguing about that anymore. Everyone is happy.

Those are little helpers I trusted on my journeys and made everything easier and also cheaper in some ways. So maybe you didn’t know about them and you are disovering something new and helpful.

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