Travelling in Germany. Exploring Bavaria.

With my first travel recommendation to specific places, I want to start where I finished my trip. My home. 


I was born and lived here for 25 years and to be honest, I was not a big fan of my own country. I thought it is boring, has no interesting places and landscapes, which you can visit and that there is just nothing cool to do. But my worldtrip changed my view on my own country and I realized I never explored my own home. What a shame.

A lot of people I met told me that they love Germany and that it was one of their favorites in Europe. And I was like: “Huu? Are we speaking about the same country?” But they opened my eyes and showed me that there is a lot of beauty so close to my old home, so I became eager to explore Germany after coming back and that was the first thing I did when I arrived. I went to Bavaria.

What to do and see in Bavaria?

There are a lot of things to do in Bavaria, but I will focus on the outdoor sights and landscape you should visit. Those spots are mainly huge, beautiful lakes with mountains in the background. Absolutely beautiful.

Also we stayed in Munich, I haven’t seen much of the city, but a lot of people love it, so maybe you should also check this out. We stayed there in a hostel and rented a car from the airport. From there we did daytrips to the different locations and returned in the evening back to Munich. We needed around four days to cover all spots. But we also did some spots twice, so it should be doable in around 3 days.


Lets start with my favorite location in Bavaria and kind of a secret spot, because there won’t be any tourists and you will have the place for yourself, Geroldsee.

Reflection at Geroldsee

I was just blown away by this place. I mean there is not much to do when you are not into photography, but this place is just so beautiful and calm. It is a very soothing and relaxing little place on earth. 

The lake is like a mirror when nobody is swimming in there and the little huts, which are sprinkled across the hill give the whole place such a cool look. And if that wouldn’t be enough, there are huge mounain tops in the background, that are turning that place to a real postcard frame. You just can sit there, enjoy the view and wait for sunset.

Geroldsee from up the hill with little huts in the foreground


Me in front of the one and only instagram spot

You have probably seen Hintersee already somewhere on Instagram. It’s the most used spot for a pretty outdoor shot in Bavaria and I can absolutely understand that. That place is magic and no wonder the forest beside the lake is called “Zauberwald”, what means magic forest if you would translate it.

I’ve been there twice. First time at midday and the second time at sunrise and both time this place was super epic. But I had bad luck with the weather, so there was no sun, just rain on both days.

Mainly there is one spot where you need to go and that is the little rock island with trees on it. When you arrive at the lake and park you car, you go left until for around 10 minutes until you see it. You really can’t miss it.

Besides that spot there are many other spots to take photos, just be creative. I really liked the sunrise time there, because we had the whole place for ourself, the fog came out of the forest and everything was quiet. Goosebumps.

Me at Hintersee


Another lake and another pretty spot. I have seen pictures from this place, which where mind blowing, but we still had bad weather conditions and rarely any light, what made it hard to get some really nice shots. But still, it’s a nice hike around the lake with a lot of cool spots to snap a photo, chill on a beach or take a swim in the refreshing mountain water, what I really can recommend.

Diving into Eibsee
Huts at the water at Hintersee

Königssee, ice caves, Obersee

Compared to the other lakes Königssee is a whole different mission. First it is way bigger than the lakes before, way bigger and secondly you need to take a boat to see the good stuff. The boat stops three times before you are back where you started. 

You should get there very early to avoid the crowds, because this spot will be flooded with tourists. The first boat mostly takes off at 8 am, so you should be there at around 7.30 to be on time and buy tickets. 

The first stop of the boat is at St. Bartholomä, a little church on the waterfront. You should leave the boat here, if you want to hike up to the ice caves, which are hidden in the mountains. You will get there after an easy 45 minute hike. Just follow the signs, that say “Eiskapelle”. Besides that, this stop is not too exciting.

Ice caves at Königssee
Boat tour on Königssee

After you return to the boat stop, you join the boat again and continue your ride to the furthest stop of Königssee, which is Obersee. Yes, another lake, behind a big lake.

This area is very pretty and perfect for photos. You start your walk at the station where you have been dropped and continue until you arrive at the lake. There you will have an amazing view over the crystal clear lake. Afterwards I would recommend to continue to the right, where you can do a little hike to the other side of the lake. You can find a famous little fisher hut and a waterfall there.

View across Obersee

After you returned to the boat, it will take you back to your starting point. From there is one more thing to do, if you have time and more energy. You can hike up to the view point, which gives you an amazing view across the whole Königssee. For the viewpoints you need to go the right when you are leaving the boat and continue up the hill, until you see a hole in the woods where you see trough and see something like this.


Okay this spot is a special one. I have never heard of it before, nor I have seen a picture of it and when I was standing there I couldn’t believe that I’m still in good old Germany, because it looks to exotic and colorful. 

It’s just a street which is crossing a lake, but this lake is so blue, it looks unreal. There is not much more to say, just have a look.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

That is probably the most famous and also the most touristic spot in whole Bavaria. We arrived and we had super bad weather, just started the drone and took some shots, so I can’t tell you more. It’s pretty and crowded. Not my favorite here, but worth to see if you come from far away.

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