Why travelling solo?

When you read my bio, you know I attempted the challenge of a worldtrip all by myself. Most of the time I was alone and only could rely on myself. But why should you ever do this?

Travelling solo will be the most scariest, grounding and challenging thing you have ever done. But it’s still absolutely worth it. In the following I will explain you why.

1. There was just no one who could join me.

To be honest with you guys, the main reason was, that just none of my friend had time or was in the mood to go on a worldtrip for a couple of month. Not everybody can afford that or want to blog time for that.

Also it is very hard to find like minded people or people who share your style of travelling, because otherwise the journey will be hard and with a lot of compromises.

I didn’t want that fact to stop me to follow my dream and I would suggest you the same. It is way better to do it alone than not doing it!

2. You are super flexible.

One of the best things of travelling alone is your flexiblity. You can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. You don’t have to discuss every little decision with your travel pal or compromise things.

  • “When you want to do that than I can do that”
  • “No I don’t want to eat there, lets find a nicer place.”
  • “Do we really need to wake up that early, I like sleeping too much for that.”

You will never have those kinda talks. If you feel like getting up at 3 am to catch a sunrise on a volcano, you get up at 3 am and climb up that damn volcano.

I, for example, canceled a lot of flights or bookings and changed my plans completely. Instead of staying in Vietnam, I canceled my flight and booked a earlier one to Hong Kong.

You will never be as flexible as when you are just by yourself. 

3. You are never really alone.

Travelling alone doesn’t mean beeing alone the whole time, that is not true. There will be always people, who are in the same position as you or you just join other groups. And the good thing about travelling is, that you connect so much faster and easier with people.

First big tip. When you travel alone you should stay in hostel instead of airbnbs or hotels. Why? Because you will meet so many people there (soooo many!). You are forced to meet them to be honest. When you are staying with 6 to 12 people in one room, you will talk with them somewhen and maybe hang out with eachother. Also hostels often organize activities together where you can connect more easily. Even if you are alone you should go there. That can be a free walking tour, pub crawls, game nights, bicycle tours or a cooking class. At first it can be a bit awkward to be there alone, but after a few minutes you will talk to someone and find contact.

I already travelled with friends and also a lot of times alone. And what I discovered is, that you find new friends way better when you are by yourself, because you are just more opened to new connections and don’t stick to your group. And how nice it is to find friends from all over the planet with a similar mindset as yours.

So go out on you journey alone and come back with new friends for life.

4. You need to step outside your comfort zone.

The good old comfort zone. It’s comfortable, warm and easy in there.

But I promise you, you can’t stay in there if you travel solo. You will be forced to leave it and you need to push over your comfortable limits. And that is good, very good. You grow so much trough this.

Lets say you arrive in Surabaya, Indonesia. You have no clue where you are, where you need to go and how to get around and most of the people don’t even speak your language. I mean, you can sit down and cry now, but that probably won’t solve your problems. Or you can also just walk around and ask strangers until one can understand and help you. And mostly people are very friendly to helpless tourist and love to meet you (I felt like a celebrity in Surabaya). Even if they can’t understand every word, they will try to help and you will figure it out how to get around with that help.

You will learn, that everything will turn out absolutely fine and that you will always find your way (somehow). You will get more resilient and more comfortable with problems. Difficult situation aren’t affecting you as bad as before and you will remain more chilled.

Also one amazing which developed with travelling, that I discovered on myself is, that you start to care less of what other people are thinking about you. Before my journey I was mostly worried about anyone is thinking about me, my looks and my behaviour. Now I don’t even care anymore. I just do the things and look like I feel and I want and that is just awesome and makes life so much easier.

Let travelling push you outside of your comfort zone.

5. You will get to know yourself better.

There will be times when you are alone and with no one around you who you can talk to. You will sit in airplanes or trains or on the beach, alone. And that is good. Sounds weird for you?

When you are alone and you can’t talk with anyone, you will automatically start to talk inside your head with yourself and you go deeper and deeper into yourself and discover old emotions or issues that weren’t solved yet. Your mind starts to ask questions and your subconscious mind will try to answer them with the time.

Additionally to that you can support the process with meditation, diaries or journals. With those methods you can clear your mind, write your thoughts down and get into conversation with yourself.

It sounds kinda cheesy, but you will start to love and appreciat yourself more.


Solo travelling will be frightening for sure. There will be times, where you will think you just want to got home, but if you keep going, you are getting used to it and you will come home as a stronger, more self-confident and relaxed person.

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